Why Pest Control Business Owners Should Build Relationships With Local Real Estate Agents

For anyone who has a pest control business, keeping current customers and bringing in new ones are both very important. But what are the best ways to do that? Quality service and good prices can help, naturally. So can the proper amounts of advertising. All of that makes a difference, but these are also things that other pest control companies in the area are doing. With that in mind, companies may want to focus on unique ways to bring in more business and get their name in front of customers. One effective way to bring in more leads is to network with your local real estate agents.

Preemptive Pest Control for Sellers

When a seller plans to put their home on the market, they want to be sure it can sell quickly and at a good value. If a seller has a known pest problem, more often than not they will want to rid the home of this problem before buyers start looking around. Busy sellers (most sellers) tend to rely on their agent to refer relevant businesses to them in order to get their home ready for buyers—meaning, if you're at the top of that agent's mind, that's an easy lead coming your way that needs to act quickly.

Getting in Front of New Residents

When people move to a new area, they often use their real estate agent as a source of local knowledge. Being that first contact for a new homeowner is crucial for any business that wants to build brand loyalty. When networking with local buyer&agents, let them know that you're available for any of their new or former clients that have pest concerns.

Helping the Deal Go Through

Home buyers can find signs of pests during their inspection. If these pests aren't treated, it is possible that the buyer will want to back out of the deal. A real estate agent who is trying to close this deal will generally be focused on helping the buyer and seller work things out as quickly as possible, and that is where a good recommendation to a pest control company can come into play. Performing a great job in this scenario is a great way to impress both the seller's agent and the buyer's agent, as well as their clients.

Tap Into Local Agent Reputations

Most people know their local real estate agents if they have lived in an area for a while. They may not have a lot of personal contact with those agents, but they recognize the names and reputations. In short, real estate agents are often trusted by their local community. If a pest control company develops a relationship with local real estate agents and is recommended by those agents, it can mean a better local reputation, which can lead to more organic development and growth for that business.

Making Connections

Putting work into getting in front of people who may be in need of your services in the future is an investment. Letting agents know that you're there for them if they need you can be somewhat time consuming, but it's well worth it for those who stick it out. Referrals from trusted local experts can bring in customers for life, and those customers can also advocate on your behalf as well. Consider offering a slight discount to customers referred to you from your agent connections. The agent will get to be a useful resource for their client, and their client will likely have a favorable first impression of your business.